The World Map Design Wood Puzzle

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The World Map Design Wood Puzzle

The World Map Design Wood Puzzle is a fun alternative wedding guest signing unit. 

Blue water image lightly burned into wood

The outer frame is solid wood lightly distressed black measuring 18" x 26" 
The frame serves as a building tray for the puzzle pieces.
If you look at the third image you can see where the back of the frame is lightly engraved so your guest will know where to add their puzzle piece. 
The whole puzzle has 115 individual pieces. 
It measures 14" x 22.25" and is fine sanded Birch wood. 
I have hand drawn each puzzle piece and cutout with a laser engraver. 
The back of the puzzle is lightly sprayed with silver paint so your guest will know what side to sign and it looks nice presented in a glass bowl.
A sharpie is required to sign wood. 
Couples names and date custom engraving is included. 
Please leave specific instruction on check out. 
Most clients like first names on love doves and date on heart. 

Frame engraving included : this can be your special saying / custom for you

I suggest a tiny removable glue dot for the back of each piece. The guest signs then peels the clear plastic off glue dot then places on puzzle tray. I like the tray/ frame on an artist easel. The pieces will hold lightly till it is all assembled. With the tiny glue dots you can easily wiggle and move pieces so they will all fit.
Your guest will enjoy the bit of fun finding their piece and reading what others might of said. It is fun watching it all come together.
It is also a great way to entertain your guest after the ceremony. Give them a piece as they leave the ceremony and head to reception. It will entertain while bride and groom get photographs made.

Please note stand is not included.
Each puzzle is unique and will vary slightly due to wood. If you look at images these are all the same puzzle just seen in different lighting