Proposal "Will you marry me" mini puzzle creative surprise proposal-Wedding Gift

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Proposal "Will you marry me" mini puzzle creative surprise proposal

A fun alternative for the proposal!

This puzzle contains 25 pieces laser cut from a 1/8" of finely sanded birch 

Made in the sleepy little town of Troutman, North Carolina USA

The wood puzzle measures only 3" x 3"

Pack it in the small clear pillow pack and slip it into your pocket. 

What a fun way to pass the time while waiting for your meal. 

Won't your date be surprised when she completes the puzzle and sees what is inscribed!

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The Will You Marry Me? mini puzzle will let your bride to be know you thought about how to propose in a fun and different way. 

Show her you are creative and spontaneous. 

Arrange a surprise proposal. Have the puzzle presented at the end of a challenging scavenger hunt!

On average time to assemble puzzle correctly is 6 minutes