Eufaula Lake in Georgia and Alabama - Wood Laser Cut Map

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This is a beautifully detailed, laser engraved and precision cut topographical Map of Lake Eufaula located along the Georgia/Alabama state line with the following interesting stats carved into it:

  • Surface Area: 45,181 Acres
  • Avg. Depth: 15-18 Feet
  • Max. Depth: 100 Feet
  • Shore Length: 640 Miles
  • Officially the “Walter F George Lake”, named for Walter F George, a Georgia Senator from 1922-1957, but widely known as “Lake Eufaula”.

Interesting factoid: The flooding of the land in the area covered numerous historic and prehistoric sites associated with Native American culture. Indigenous peoples had lived along the river for thousands of years. The unincorporated area of Oketeyeconne, Georgia, which historically had a majority of Native American residents, was evacuated in the 1950s to allow creation of the lake.