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Driftwood Seahorse on a Metal Stand

The fanciful, majestic, seahorse, is seen here crafted in naturally harvested driftwood on a rustic metal stand.  The seahorse mesmerizes us all, from its upright propulsion through the water, to its curling tail anchoring it in the seaweed, the seahorse has fascinated generations.  If you are of a certain age, you may even recall that Aquaman rode a seahorse while fighting crime for the Justice League!  The seahorse is one of the very few animals in which the male is the "child-bearer", carrying the babies for up to four weeks before they are born.  Male seahorses can expel, or give birth, to as many 2,500 fry, baby seahorses, at a time!  This is the perfect gift for an expecting father, or anyone who treasures the sea and all its mysteries.  Take home a piece of the beach, today!

Made from Driftwood with rustic metal stand.

Approx Size: 13"h x 5.5"w x 3"d