Driftwood Peg Rack-clearance

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Product Demensions: 3 3/4" x 25" x 4 3/4"


Did you know the Vikings would cast wood into the sea before making landfall? They sure did. Then they would build their mead halls in the location of wherever the wood landed. Finally, the Vikings would use this "driftwood" to create the high-seat pillars of the new mead hall.


Driftwood has been a popular decorating choice for a long time. In addition to our jewelry and pottery, our hand-crafted driftwood pieces from the Outer Banks are always in style and make excellent gifts.


Choose from driftwood stars, driftwood ornaments, driftwood wreaths, or driftwood candle holders. We also have driftwood mirrors, driftwood planters, and even driftwood Christmas decorations.