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Driftwood Crab Distressed Blue/Green/Teal

Like your blue crabs blue?  Even though the customary steamed crab is red?  Then this rustic piece of beach art is for you!  Few things found in nature are a true blue like the varying shades found on the Atlantic Blue Crab. Artisans hand-craft this multi-colored crab using the dry-brush technique in shades of blue, green, and teal for a more authentic look.  This whimsical piece of art pays tribute to blue crabs caught locally on and around the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Constructed entirely of varying sizes of driftwood (except for the eyes which are painted wooden beads) this blue crab would make the perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen or patio.  Handcrafted from naturally harvested driftwood, each piece and placement is carefully selected to create this crabbers' delight.  Each crab measures 12" by 12" with a depth of 3 inches.  Crab can be hung on a wall with the included hanging hardware or used as a centerpiece for a picnic table.  Even makes a lovely addition to any end or coffee table as this piece can be used indoors or outdoors.  Perfect for crab lovers, beach lovers, and seafood connoisseurs alike, this crab will look right at home in any coastal themed room.  

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