Wood Laser Cut Maps

Each map is a beautiful artistic handcrafted work of art using the finest woods with special attention to every detail. Due to the natural variation in wood grain, each map will vary slightly in finish and color, some come to us all blonde and some have beautiful variances, making each one unique and one-of-a-kind. 

(Photos shown are our showroom displays. Your map will be very close to this, but wood grain, knots, and final finish color may be slightly different.) Birch is our wood of preference.

Once the map is cut and engraved we hand sand multiple times, assemble and clear coat them for a lustrous wood shine. We believe that this personal attention each and every item receives makes each wooden item a unique work of art. 

You can choose the stand out map which is mounted onto a tranquil blue back with a key hole cut on the back, ready to hang. Available in three sizes: 

Small stand out 13" x 16" -  Medium Stand out 15" x 23" - Large Stand out 19" x 32"

Non returnable unless damaged or incorrectly engraved these are custom made to order.




Our handmade, solid wood, English chestnut stained frame gives it the classic look, also available in three sizes: 

Small 14” x 18” map  * Medium 18” x 27” map * Large 37” x 24” map




All maps include special points of interest laser engraved into the map face and come with a beautiful blue self-adhesive Swarovski Crystal to mark your preferred location on the map. 


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