The Sea Shell Super Store

Featuring great coastal sea shell products. Shop For Sea Shell Jewelry, Home Decor Items, and Sea Shell pieces.

The humble seashell is an iconic symbol of family trips to the beach and a keepsake for thousands of Outer Banks vacationers. The Seashell Super Store offers various seashell crafts, seashell jewelry, and seashell decorations that will last you for years to come.

  Seashell decorations in our store include seashell wreathes, seashell wind chimes, decorative sand dollars, and decorative starfish. Our popular seashell wreathes comes in several varieties and sizes so you can find the perfect seashell wreathe for your home. And we’ve even got you covered for the holidays with a wide assortment of seashell Christmas ornaments.

  Looking for seashell jewelry? We have an variety of seashell earrings, mother of pearl earrings, seashell jewelry boxes, and even fish tooth necklaces. Seashell earrings are the perfect complement to a spring or summer outfit. You can even complete the look with a seashell tote bag.

  But there’s more than just seashells! Decorative fishing nets and wooden buoys on rope make for wonderful outdoor decorations. And for indoors, consider our beautiful lighthouse bottles, mother of pearl sculptures, and even painted starfish. Be sure to also check out our Jewelry From The Coast store and Pottery store. You’re sure to find something you’ll love!


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