The Carolina Coast has a rich heritage steeped in its music and now you can take that music home with you! “Songs and Legends of the Outer Banks” contains 13 tracks of tunes that will fill you up with the emotions and beauty of the Outer Banks. There's also “The Captain’s Crew” CD. This great band has played at fairs, festivals, and churches all over North Carolina for over 15 years! Is it Christmas time yet? Check out “An Outer Banks Christmas” CD and enjoy classic Christmas songs performed by artists in the style of Outer Banks music.

 History buff? Just want a visual reminder of your time in the Outer Banks? Interested in learning more about what makes the Outer Banks such a special place? Then check out the “My Heart Will Always Be In Carolina” DVD series. This series includes “Volunteer Fire Departments”, “Albemarle Craftsman’s Fair 2011”, a special “Corolla Wild Horses” DVD that beautifully presents some of the Outer Banks finest attractions, and more!

And be sure to check out “Lighthouses of the Outer Banks.” This inspiring video tour will take you through all of the Outer Banks lighthouses and gives a great view of these American treasures.

 At the OBXstore.com we are proud to offer music and video from artists who call the Outer Banks home.