Jim Fineman Pottery



The work is stoneware, a high fired clay known for strength and durability. Functional items predominate: bowls, plates, mugs, tumblers, lamps, planters, jars, vases, candle lanterns, votives, colanders, pitchers, wine coolers, honey pots, sauceboats, cheese shakers, crocks, jugs, decanters, birdhouses, flower pots, oil lamps, candleholders, mirror frames, soap dishes, spoon rests, pour bottles, flower arrangers, salt shakers, hanging lamps, fountains, and clocks. Ceramic earrings, pins, and necklaces are also produced. Glazes range from earth tones to rich blues and greens. Decorations include painted patterns, leaf imprints, carving, and appliqués.

"More pots, baskets and jewelry may be viewed on Jim's blog: http://jimfineman.blogspot.com, all of which may be purchased by calling the OBXstore.com at 855-740-7921





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