50 Wedding Wish Tree Cards & Wood Keys

50 Wedding Wish Tree Cards & Wood Keys-Wedding Gift

4.00 LBS
$7.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
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    50 Wedding Wish Tree Cards & Wood Keys
    Share your key to happiness!
    Invite your guest to share their knowledge of happiness.
    Super cute on the reception table
    Give your guest a fun alternative to the guest book
    Let them sign then hang on your wish tree

    Perfect as wish tree tags because not only are they large enough to write some detailed wishes
    but the wood key is inviting and hangs beautiful from the white ribbon

    tag is cut from heavy craft paper 2" x 4.5" small heart cutout for ribbon

    Each key is engraved with " Sweet sentiments " 
    ( 50 randomly selected ) ( you may get a few repeats but not many)
    1. Happiness is the key to success
    2. Live Laugh Love
    3. Love is sweet
    4. All Because Two People Fall In Love
    5. Meant to beeeee 
    6. People say that money is not the key to happiness, but I always figured if you have enough money, you can have a key made!
    7. There is no key to happiness, the door is always open
    8. Together Forever
    9. Come grow old with me. the best is yet to come
    10. Today, Tomorrow & Forever
    11. Cherish the future
    12. Experience the JOY of Love
    13. Live long and prosper
    14. Holding hands
    15. You fill my heart with love
    16. Kindness is contagious
    17. I heart you
    18. Life is Good
    19. Everything gets better with age
    20. Dream Big!
    21. Hug often
    22. Happily ever after
    23. Make a new beginning
    24. A true love story never ends
    25. With all my heart
    26. Faith, Hope & Love
    27. If I had a flower every time you made me smile and laugh I would have a garden 
    28. Soul Mates
    29. You mean everything to me
    30. Love me when I least deserve it because that is when I really need it
    31. Be Grateful
    32. To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven
    33. My Beloved
    34. My Sweetheart
    35. You melt my heart
    36. Share your dreams with me
    37. Dreaming of you
    38. Best friends forever
    39. You have the key to my heart
    40. This is what we call love
    41. I woke today dreaming of you
    42. I long for your embrace
    43. You are my destiny
    44. I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am with you!
    45. Love is the beauty of the soul
    46. Love is Friendship set of fire
    47. True love stories never have endings
    48. The most eloquent silence: that of two mouths meeting in a kiss
    49. In my wildest dreams, you always play the hero
    50. Like music on the water is your sweet voice to me
    51. Love will find a way
    52. Open your heart to love
    53. Love is patient
    54. Love is kind
    55. Love is compassionate
    56. Love together play together stay together
    57. The pleasure of romance
    58. You complete me
    59. Every day, every way, come what may
    60. Sweet devotion
    61. My special one
    62. You make my heart sing
    63. I crave the safe warmth of your arms 
    64. blessed contentment
    65. Happy 
    66. My favorite place is near you
    67. Treasure found

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